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To whom it may concern,

Do you have Japanese employees who need more support to improve their English? Should you have any, I would be delighted to assist you considerably.

I am Yasuhiro Shimizu, the owner and English consultant of Esteem School of English in Kanazawa City, Japan. I am writing to introduce you to bespoke private English lessons designed for Japanese employees who require professional one-to-one assistance in making a breakthrough in their English to communicate comfortably in challenging international business scenes.

Since the school commenced operation in 1998, I have taught English to various age groups ranging from elementary school students to professionals, including doctors who must present in English at conferences.

It is necessary and highly effective for struggling Japanese students to take lessons with me. A case in point is here; two students of mine, aged 13 and 15 taught, scored 905 and 940 points on TOEIC, respectively, in one year. I can offer lessons flexibly in Japanese and English, depending on their English proficiency level, because I am a world-renowned Cambridge C2(CPE) Proficiency holder.

Regrettably speaking, most English conversation instructors are not professionals, as you may be fully aware. They have yet to learn what prevents Japanese English learners from making progress in their English and cannot offer lessons specifically tailored to their needs and challenges. If that is the case for your company, it is high time you invested in my professionally tailored bespoke lessons.

I would be very grateful if you could talk to Japanese employees who have difficulty acquiring English about possibly taking lessons with me. Here is the link to the website with a multitude of students’ testimonials in Japanese, which they will indeed find convincing:

Should you be keen to learn more about what I offer, I would also be delighted to communicate with you online for further details. It would be bliss if your employees improved their English to their satisfaction and had a much more fruitful time with your company, and could utilise English for the benefit of your organisation.

Yours faithfully,
Yasuhiro Shimizu, English Consultant at Esteem School of English